Monday, 14 March 2016

Our Butterfly Hatched

This morning our butterfly hatched, we watched it come out of the chrysalis and start to dry out its wings.  They have doubled in size!


  1. That is so exciting to see the butterfly hatching out of the chrysalis. Room 14 were lucky to be able to watch it all unfold.
    Jaksic family

  2. Ashtons sister Lily thing room 14 is lucky to see the butterfly hatch. She really likes butterflies.

  3. Thats so lucky for room 14 for the butterfly to hatch during school hours. That has been such an exciting school day for Chanel, she loves butterfiles too.

  4. I saw you guys set the butterfly free, here is some questions for you guys.
    Question 1= How long did it take the butterfly to hatch.
    Question 2= What does caterpillars eat?