Saturday, 30 July 2016

Ashton's Teach the Teacher - Making a Geyser

Ashton showed us how to make a Geyser.  He explained to us that if you add Mentos to Coke it creates a reaction, the reaction causes carbon dioxide bubbles to come out of the coke faster.  He split everyone into four groups so they could make mini explosions in the class.  Lastly Aston took us all outside where he showed us a big one using a large bottle of Coke and Mentos, luckily Mrs Taylor and I were standing up-wind otherwise we would have been showered!

Have a look at his instructions if you want to try this, it was great fun!

Ashton explaining some of the science behind this geyser of Coke
Ashton giving all the groups equal amounts of coke and mentos
Everyone holding their Mentos and getting ready to drop!
Can you see the bubbles forming?

Room 14 waiting to see the coke geyser

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  1. Ashton was so excited to do this activity with the class. he did a fair amount of practice at home :-). Geyser tubes are a lot of fun!!