Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Ashton's Snake Report

Snake Northern Rivers[edit]


Snakes are part of the Lizard family.  Snakes are one of the most interesting creatures I have ever seen.

Snakes are reptiles they are cold blooded.  They like the warm sun and have scales.

The world’s biggest prehistoric  snake was called titanoboa it lived about sixty million years ago. This giant was over 13m  long and weighed over 1100 kilograms. The biggest snake found recently is an Anaconda that was 10 metres long and weighed 400 kilograms.The Garter snake has been ...

Snakes eat rats, mice, birds and worms.   Most snakes live in hot deserts and forests.

Snakes main adaptation is to live life  with no legs, arms and ears.

The venom of a King Cobra is  venomous enough to kill an elephant in one bite.

As you can see snakes are one of the most interesting animals in the world!

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