Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Lucy's Dolphin Report

Dolphin Report
By Lucy

Dolphins don’t have jaw muscles so they swallow their food whole. Dolphins eat fish, squid, octopus & shrimp. Dolphins have hunting techniques. Some fish hide in the sand and the dolphin eats it  using powerful sonar pulses to catch the fish.

Dolphins have a skin that’s rubbery it’s light gray.Dolphins are warm blooded so they are mammals. Mammals make their own heat.

Dolphins live up to 50 years.Bottlenose dolphins can weight up to 200 kg.

Dolphins live in deep water so you can’t see them when you're on the shore.

I enjoyed learning about dolphins, The best part was that dolphins don’t have jaw muscles, they eat their food whole. I liked learning about dolphins and found out a lot of things.

By Lucy

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