Monday, 21 November 2016

Mia's Takahe Report

By Mia Tsai
Do you know what a Takahe is?  A Takahe is a New Zealand bird.  Takahes are flightless and is endangered

Takahe is a type of bird.  Found by Dr Geoffrey Orbell that takahes are not extinct.  Takahe’s fossil bones were first found in 1848.  Takahes are very endangered.  If some New Zealanders see them people will have to move them.

Takahes have two short legs.  A short beak.  Green and blue feathers.  Takahes have a green back and a blue body.  They also have a really big bill.  Takahes are really strong.

Takahes usually eat 15.5 kg a day.  They like to eat tussock seeds,  and other kinds of seeds when it’s available.  In winter when there is not much seeds,  they go the forest for shelter and mainly eat starchy rhizomes from green fern.

Takahes have green and blue feathers for it’s back.  Red feet which are very strong.  Takahes have massive bill to crack seeds.  Takahes are really strong.

Takahes were first thought to be extinct and now they are endangered.  Takahe's fossil bones were first found in 1848.  They were then rediscovered 100 years later by Dr Geoffrey orbell. Takahes are hunted by Stoats.

Takahes are safe but endangered, we need to keep them safe from predators and keep them safe from being extinct.  
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A takahe walking around

Australasian swamphen



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