Thursday, 17 November 2016

Penguin Report
By Nicholas Sok

This is a report about penguins. Penguins are mammals that live in a cold part of the globe. They are warm blooded, great swimmers.  The fierce leopard seal is a predator of penguins.  Penguins live  in the water sometimes. So the other penguin live in cold weather.

Penguin have long beaks to catch food. It has little legs to make it waddle. Round eyes to see in the water.  They have great swimming skills to get food. They are black and white so they can be seen,
This is called countershading. Penguins can be about one meter tall.

They eat fish, squid and krill. Their habit is a cold part of the world.
There are countries that penguins live in, New Zealand, South Pole,  
Australia and South Africa.

They are blank and white, it catches food with its beak. They use their flippers to swim away from danger.

Penguins have flippers, great swimming. They are cold blooded and penguins live in South America.

Penguins are mammals that can swim in water very fast.

                                             Penguin can walk in the snowFile:Emperor Penguin Manchot ...


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