Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Panther Report By Tanya

Panther Report

By Tanya

The panther is a large member of the cat family. The panther is actually a black feline leopard or jaguar. Even though they are not a real species itself it is endangered. The panther is native to America, Africa and Asia.The panther is adapted to a variety of habitats around the world.

Some panthers are able to swim in water although not those that are leopards, but as jaguars have a real love of water.

Panthers are dark brown or black. They have small heads and long bodies with strong jaws. They also have emerald green eyes and have their hind legs that are larger and slightly longer than those at front.

The panther is found in Tropical and deciduous forests.The panther can also be found in swamplands and grasslands and even more hostile areas. They are even found in south America,Asia,Africa,USA and variety of habitats. The panther is a carnivore and eats deer,warthogs,wild boar tapir and antelope. They sometimes eat smaller species like birds and rabbits when larger prey is scarce.

The panther has black or brown fur to help it camouflage and it is an incredible and agile animal. The panther is nocturnal and sleeps in the trees.

The panther is considered to be one of the most intelligent and ferocious predators in America so they use panther pictures for logos and mascots.

Although panthers are not considered to be a species by science many animal wildlife experts consider this animal to be endangered all around the world.

File:Black Panther by Bruce ...
This is a Panther Lying Down

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