Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Donnacha's Report about Gorillas

Gorilla Report

There are interesting monkeys, but the one I am interested in is the gorilla.

A gorilla is a mammal it is warm blooded there young drink their mother's milk. Mammals give birth to living young.

Gorillas have very strong arms to kill its prey.  Gorillas are very dangerous they are even endangered. Some gorillas are black but very hairy. Gorillas are very heavy.

Gorillas live in the jungle or the mountains forest. Their diet is bananas or apples and berries.

Its adaptation is to swing away with its arms or predator.

If we get too close to a gorilla we will catch its disease. Gorillas are endangered. There are two different type of species of gorillas.

Gorillas are mammals. They are warm blooded. Their young drink their mother's milk.

File:Gorillas in Uganda-4, ...
A baby gorilla swinging on vines

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