Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Grace's Report about Kiwis

Kiwi Report
Grace Spencer

In New Zealand what better bird than the Kiwi. Kiwis can not fly and are endangered.

Kiwi live in damp places. Kiwis are a type of birds. There are only 100 or less kiwis left in New Zealand. Female Kiwis are bigger than male kiwi.

The brown Kiwi weighs 2500 grams. There are a few species of Kiwis.

The kiwis like to eat worms, gram, hinau and snails. Kiwis can only be found in New Zealand.

Kiwis have long beaks so they can grab worms from the ground. Kiwi are endangered cats, rats, dogs, wild pigs and deers.

The Kiwis is an endangered bird. We should look after Kiwis. Kiwi can be seen in New  Zealand

File:Kiwi bird in Christchurch ...

This kiwi is looking for food.

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