Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Benjamin's Report about Sharks

Shark Report
By: Benjamin.A.Lin

The Shark is an amazing animal, but various species of Shark have become endangered due to fishing, nets and shark fin soup.  Sharks are graceful marine life hunters and mostly spends it’s time underwater.

Occasionally there would be news about an oil spill and marine life being killed.  Fishermen normally catch sharks for shark fin soup.  Sharks are quite vicious sometimes but mostly don’t eat humans.

The shark has many features for example ridged teeth.  Each feature does a different job, for example the tail flicks the shark forward propelling it through the water.

Prionace glauca 1.jpg
A lemon shark swimming among the sea

You would normally find sharks in deep parts of the oceans.  The shark’s main source of food is fish.  Wobbegong sharks are not sleek or graceful but are masters of camouflage.  Great white sharks on the other hand are pretty much the opposite.
Sharks have a sensor organ called an electroreceptor behind their head.  Sharks have adapted to their fins adapting control perfectly swimming along.  As well as fish, the shark also eats many other species of sea life including baby sharks.  This is called cannibalism.

Sharks have an amazing sense of smell, they can smell blood over a mile away!  Sharks are not very good parents they will eat their young if necessary.  The scientific word for eating young is cannibalism.  A shark has a special sensor organ on the back of its head called an electro receptor, which detects the movement and vibrations of prey.  With its electro receptor the shark can even find food in the sand!

The shark is becoming endangered so make a difference by not polluting the sea!!

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