Monday, 21 November 2016

Ray's Hammerhead Shark Report

Hammerhead shark
By Ray Shi

Shark …. you probably thought of a great white shark, but no, today’s topic is the hammerhead shark which has a hammer shaped head.

Hammerhead sharks are fish that give birth to live young like other sharks do. Hammerhead sharks live for 20 to 30 years and they live in the ocean.

The hammerhead shark has an unbelievably small mouth and because it is a shark it is near the top of the food chain. For some reason it has an extra dorsal fin at the end and the largest hammerhead shark is about 7 meters long.

The hammerhead shark eats fish, stingrays, squids, octopuses and crustaceans. It gets it’s food from pinning it to the ocean floor and as i said before it lives in the ocean.

The hammerhead shark has some very interesting adaptations.The first one of course is the “hammer” head which gives it good eyesight. Another one would be the extra dorsal fin which helps it swim and they have big nostrils NOT used for breathing, they are used for smelling.

Here is something very weird about the hammerhead shark three species of the hammerhead shark don't have a hammer shaped head! These three species are the scoophead, the bonnethead and the scalloped bonnethead.

The hammerhead shark is vulnerable and people are cutting the fins off for shark fin soup so if you see one don't kill it.

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