Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Thomas' Snake Report

By:Thomas Fogden

Snakes are small to large carnivorous reptiles.

Snakes are reptiles, this makes them cold blooded. They have ear holes to help them hear.

Snakes eat rats, mice, small birds, worms, larvae etc.  Snakes live in burrows, on trees, under leaves and holes in trees.

Snake characteristics are:scales all over their body, 300 small vertebrate in their back, internal ear holes, forked tongue and protective eyelids.

Snake adaptations are that they have powerful bites, speed and camouflage.  They can camouflage in leaves, sand, wood and rocks.

Jaw dropping facts are: one bite from venom has enough power to kill 5 elephants, snakes can grow up to 26 metres, some Snakes crush their prey.  Snakes have flexible jaws to eat prey bigger than their head, snakes smell with their tongue.

File:AB045 Scales on a snakes ...
Parts of a snake
Some Snakes are endangered, dont kill a Snake unless you have too, also try and release them to the wild.

File:Naja naja juvenile ...
Snake bearing for attack


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