Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Chanel's Kakapo Report

Kakapo Report
                     By Chanel Hansford

Do you know what a Kakapo is. A Kakapo is a large green bird, that is endemic to New Zealand.

Kakapos are mammals, they are also a type Of bird that is endangered. Kakapo can live from 58 to 90 years old.

Kakapo have enormous wings but are unable to fly as they are to heavy.

Kakapo are vegetarians, that means they only eat plants and fruit. Kakapo live in the rainforest in Fiordland, Pearl island and Codfish island.

Kakapo didn’t use to have predators so they didn’t have to fly. They hide and use camouflage, they use the bushes, trees and mossy trees.

Kakapo live on their own and are very quiet and aware of enemies/predators. When a male bird spots a female bird the male will do a strange dance for the female. Kakapo is a maori word that means night parrot. Kakapo are endangered because there is less than 100 left in New Zealand.

I learnt a lot about the kakapo when I was reading about it. I also learnt that there was less than 100 left in New Zealand, we need to go out into the forest and help all the kakapos get together and breed to make kakapos not endangered.

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