Monday, 21 November 2016

Rosie's Kiwi Report - check out her paragraphs!

             By Rosie Yang

New Zealand's special bird is ……… Kiwi.  Kiwis are a special nocturnal animal that is endemic to New Zealand. Kiwis very rare and it is endangered.  Kiwis are a flightless bird from New Zealand.

There are three different species of Kiwis. The brown kiwi, the great spotted Kiwi, and the little spotted Kiwi. Kiwis can live for about 20 - 30 whole years. There are only about 7,000 kiwis left in the world.

Female kiwis are bigger than male Kiwis. The Great spotted Kiwi are usually 40 cm tall but the the little spotted kiwis are only about 25 cm tall. Kiwis use their
nostrils on the end of their beak to smell. The brown Kiwi are usually 2500 grams.

Brown Kiwis eat worms, berries, seeds, fruit, and all sorts of bugs. On the North island, Brown kiwis live in forests, bushes, and pine plantations. Kiwis diet is not as much as humans but that is a lot to the Kiwis. Kiwis also eat Kahikatea, Hinau, Coprosma, and Bush lawyer.

Kiwi’s beak is very long. It’s so long that it's even bigger than its head! Kiwis are very good at camouflage in its surroundings in the nocturnal. Kiwis name came from ‘Kivi’. Kiwis meat diet are usually underground.

In New Zealand, Kiwis only hunt in day time on Stewart Island. Kiwis act a lot like hedgehogs. In Auckland, Kiwis are only found in the Auckland zoo and nowhere else.During the daylight hours, the male and female Kiwis sleep separately in day shelter burrows. Some shelter burrows may be a deep hole in a rotten log, or a hollow among the roots of a large tree. The shelter burrows are not used for nesting.

Kiwis are a very special and endangered bird that are endemic to New Zealand so we should look after them so that they won't be extinct. We only have about 7,000 Kiwis in New Zealand left. Kiwis have been caught everywhere like possum traps. The Great Spotted Kiwi is a endangered bird with a range that is shrinking.

Image result for kiwis caught in a possum trap


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