Monday, 21 November 2016

King Fisher Report by Allison - we all had to note-take and note-make to make sure our reports were in our own words!

King-Fishers        Common kingfisherKingfisher - River Ogmore
By:Allison Chen
WOOSH, SPLASH! Do you know what’s that?  Well it’s a king-fisher, you think it’s a fish but no way! It’s a bird that loves eating and fishing fish!

King-Fisher’s favourite place to fish is the sea & the river, if a kingfisher tryed to peak you it means you tried to steal its fish. When you’re fishing you always want to catch a lot of fish, well you should get a pet king fisher!

There feathers are aqua coloured with a yellow belly.It’s bill is as long as it’s head. All birds have different beaks, it depending on what food they eat.It’s weight in grams is 65, king-fisher tweets like this:Tweet-weet-weet-weet! King fisher’s nests are in river banks, people don’t ever use king fishers  feathers to make clothes!

King-fisher’s love to eat fish of course! But they like to eat small crabs,large insects, spiders, earthworms, bread, lizards,mice and tadpoles! Even Maori rarely ate king fishers! But even though they are really common, you only can see them on wires near water,trees near water, bridges near water, fence poles near water or rocks.

There are 87 species of king fishers. Did you know that tree king fishers don’t eat fish?How  long are there borrows are you ask? Well the answer is 2-8 feet long!

Well now you are a king-fisher expert! See you next time on my next report!                                                     File:Amazon Kingfisher.jpgFile:Collared kingfisher in ...

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